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Lindsey Graham


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to Graham's Grassroots!

Friends, Americans, Countrymen,

Welcome to Graham's Grassroots!

Our goal is the be the best group of apprentice architechts this country has ever seen. We have an
excellent Chief Architect in Lindsey Graham and monumental task ahead of us to make this country great.

The blue print was layed at the Iowa GOP Convention in 2004! Now is the time to grab the plans and the tools in order to
begin construction of Conservatism with a Conscience. The first task is to work for the election of a team of assistant
architects who will work within the system to implement the policy objectives that will
create a system of cinscience.

An important step in completing this task is to target moderates and swing voters, in the 2006 elections. We must persuade these voters to vote for conservatives so we can
work on the Conscience Agenda and make this country a better place.

Lindsey Graham is not the only Conscientious conservative out there. We have others running for election in 2006. We need to place these people in positions at all levels of government.

Involvement from all Americans is important because we need all the help we can get to construct the Conscience Agenda.
All contributions, wether it be money, materials, or time is important to this project.

This country works best when it works together. Let's work together with our candidates and elected
officials to construct a Country of Conscience that protects, honors, supports, and defends the rights of every citizen.
America works best when we work together!

Thank you!

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Conservatism with out a conscience is an ideology without a purpose, Sen. Lindsey O. Graham.